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We are a creative design studio based in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, England, run by team Phil and Charlotte Howell. We’re well known for our retro illustration, bold branding work, muted colour palettes and sexy tattooed punk rock babes.

We also work on several personal projects including: our weekly web series, Riverdale Hardcore, which has gained hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on Instagram, and our critically acclaimed Rock, Paper, Dolls which has been immensely popular on social media and has gathered its own celebrity fan base.

We are at our happiest when we’re helping you get the attention you deserve, whether that is with some unique illustration to bring your latest article to life, merchandise design to make your fans have to part with their cash, a rebrand that makes people stop in their tracks and notice you, or failing that, a sexy cartoon lady covered in tattoos.

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of creating and working alongside some truly amazing people including: Columbia Records, Virgin Holidays, Universal, Cannes, Kanye West, Toby Morse (H20), Gallows, Tell ‘Em Steve Dave, Jaegermeister, FSG Books, Jennifer Finch (L7/The Shocker), Jessicka Addams (Jack Off Jill), Leah Carmichael, Tate, and many more.

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our optimism wears heavy boots and is loud

We started Howell Edwards in Summer 2014 out of a mixture of frustration and optimism. We were both excelling in the creative industry, only to have our seniors take all the credit. After countless nights spent coming home, eating plain ramen, checking instagram, seeing our bosses posting their fancy meals, putting on ‘Nervous Breakdown’ and screaming in to a pillow until we fell asleep, we knew we had to make a change.

If Disney ‘all started with a mouse’, we must never lose sight of Howell Edwards all starting with a Kanye, in fact the one and only Kanye.

We saw that popular Tumblr Kanye Wes Anderson was looking for an illustration of Kanye dressed as a Moonrise Kingdom scout. We did it for free, they posted it, and the piece went viral. After that we were contacted by a popular music site to work on some pieces for Kanye himself, which led to Columbia Records commissioning us to work with Pharrell Williams. That day we both quit our jobs and never looked back.

Retro Illustration by Howell Edwards Creative

Over the past four years, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of celebrity clients, global brands and local independent businesses, helping them all to get more attention for what they are doing, attract clients and grow their business, brand or product, all with a punk attitude and DIY Ethic. Howell Edwards was born from a passion to work WITH our clients and to make them as happy as possible – as creative equals.


I, like most illustrators, spent my whole childhood drawing, with and on whatever I could get my hands on. This passion never left, and led to me pursuing an education in the arts, which ended with me graduating as Student of the Year at Essex School of Art. I have always had a passion for two things: retro stuff and punk rock. I can spend hours browsing second-hand store boot sales, looking at old toys, posters and forgotten treasure. I’m a creature of nostalgia and sentiment, and aim to inject that into our work. I want our work to look like it was always there.

Retro Illustration by Howell Edwards Creative


I’ve spent my whole life drawing, painting and making – I can’t imagine not creating things. My other passion is people; working with, meeting, and helping people. I spend my days combining these two passions; collaborating with amazing clients to help them stand out and establish their businesses. Friends describe me as a dedicated hard worker, with a big heart and an extreme addiction to caffeinated soft drinks. I’m truly passionate about what I do, and I love people with big ideas and huge ambitions. When I’m not at my desk I’m probably watching Buffy or pretending I’m Stevie Nicks.

Retro Illustration by Howell Edwards Creative

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If you love our work and would like to learn more about how we could work together, drop us an email with a brief description of your project to get a quote.

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Retro Illustration by Howell Edwards Creative