Alt Girl Paper Dolls

Illustration, Product Design

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with nostalgia and sentiment at HE Creative. As children, we both loved playing with Paper Dolls, and we wanted to bring that idea back, mixed in with our trademark punk and hardcore style, of course. We designed and illustrated Paper Dolls as loving tributes to five of the more common types of person in our community.

We were completely overwhelmed by the response we’ve had to the Alt Girl Paper Dolls, which included being inundated with requests for personal Paper Dolls for various personal and commercial uses. The first set of Alt Girl Paper Dolls is currently in its second printing, while the incredible demand and response we had to them lead us to design and produce a second set of dolls – the Alt Girl Paper Dolls Volume 2.

You can see the full set over on our HECreative Instagram, or purchase your very own set on our Shop.

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