Another Punk ABC Book

Illustration, Book Design

After our first HE Creative book, My Very First Punk ABC Book, sold out, we had endless enquiries and comments from people asking for another one. So, by popular demand, we made Another Punk ABC Book.

Like My Very First Punk ABC Book before it, the book grew out of illustrations we made of iconic punk bands that we’ve grown up listening to and loving. We’ve been inspired to produce alphabet books and educational content to share our passion with the younger generation. The book and all of our ABC books are made to introduce young children to the letters of the alphabet, helping to teach both the letter shapes and the names of great punk bands beginning with each letter.

We’ve really loved working in this simplified, children’s book illustration style juxtaposed with our punk and hardcore aesthetic – and the tens of thousands of likes, comments and shares we’ve had on our posts of the book show we’re not alone. We’ve had such wonderful feedback on our books and we’re thrilled that so many people are enjoying sharing them with their children and families.

You can see some more pages from Another Punk ABC Book as well as photographs of it in the wild over on our HECreative Instagram.


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