Movies Are Magic

Illustration, Book Design

We were thrilled to be commissioned by American Author Jennifer Churchill to bring life to her educational children’s book, Movies Are Magic: A Kid’s History of the Moving Image From the Dawn of Time to About 1939. The story was developed from an appreciation for storytelling, for the past, and for the many inventions and stories that have brought us where we are today in media; so of course we were immediately on board and excited to get to work.

The book allowed us to work in our preferred illustrative style, and to illustrate a great selection of scenes from across the history of film. This included everything from black and white scenes of Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of motion, to gorgeous dance scenes of Fred and Ginger, to colourful Vaudeville illustrations. We love portrait illustration, and we love colourful movie scenes, so this was a dream project for us.

Jennifer funded the book via Kickstarter, so we also designed, illustrated and developed a one page website for her to promote her cause, which was fully backed and supported by film fanatics and members of the public. The website allowed potential sponsors to find out more about the book and Jennifer’s vision, see more of the style that the book will be illustrated in, and get in touch with any questions or queries that they had. We’ve worked on crowdfunded projects on a number of occasions and each of them have been great experiences for us.


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