My Very First Punk ABC Book

Illustration, Book Design

Our first HECreative book, My Very First Punk ABC Book.

My Very First Punk ABC Book grew out of illustrations we made of iconic punk bands that we’ve grown up listening to and loving. We were inspired to produce an alphabet book to share our passion with the younger generation. The book introduces young children to the letters of the alphabet, helping to teach both the letter shapes and the names of great punk bands beginning with each letter.

We’re always looking for ways to bring humour and message to our illustration and design work – and we love that our loving illustrations of a scene we’ve grown up in has really resonated with the rest of our community. We really love the simplified, children’s book illustration style juxtaposed with our punk and hardcore aesthetic – and the tens of thousands of likes, comments and shares we’ve had on our posts of the book show we’re not alone. Initially produced as a love letter to the scene, we’ve currently just sold out the fourth print run of the book, as well as a sold out variant version for a record store on the West Coast of the USA. It’s been especially amazing receiving love and kudos from the very bands we’ve immortalised in the book!

You can see some more pages from My Very First Punk ABC Book as well as photographs of it in the wild over on our HECreative Instagram.

I’m really digging HE Creative these days, their drawing is like magic to me and really lights me up, plus they are super sweet and funny. I’m looking forward to watching them take their place in the world.
Jennifer Precious Finch

L7, The Shocker


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