Rock Paper Dolls

Illustration, Book Design

Following the success of our Alt Girl Paper Dolls, it seemed only natural that we move on to our musical icons. We began by designing and illustrating Paper Dolls as loving tributes to some of our favourite musical heroes, including Gwen Stefani, Brody Dalle, and Laura Jane Grace.

The response to our Rock Paper Dolls has been incredible, with hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and reposts – it’s even garnered its own celebrity following and lead to us working with some of our real life heroes. We were so inspired by the pangs of nostalgia and melancholy that the project provoked, that we designed and published a zine full of illustrations and interviews with some of our rock star subjects.

By popular demand, we produced a full colour zine featuring 10 of our Rock Paper Doll pieces, alongside interviews with the artists featured, including Toby Morse of H2O, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!/The Devouring Mothers, Jennifer Finch of L7/The Shocker, Jessicka Addams of Jack Off Jill, Mel McFail of Dead Girls Corp/The Shocker, Jeannie Vee of Eagles of Death Metal/Courtney Love, Pete Koller of Sick Of It All, Meredith Graves, and more.

Currently, the zine is sold out in our store, while it’s also been sold in store in California. We’re thrilled with the response we’ve had, and are excited to continue these nostalgia driven projects.

With much, much more in the pipeline, you can see the full set and keep up to date on our HECreative Instagram.

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HECreative’s work is not just a tale of a contemporary revolution. It is the embodiment of a united solution. Genderless, ageless, colourless, boundary less and free to push the obstacles out of the way for all. My hope is that this infectious work continues to resonate with those of us who lived it and future generations that are ready to start their own riots.
Jessicka Addams

Jack Off Jill, Scarling


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