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Riverdale Hardcore Print by HECreative
RVDXHC started as a tribute to two of our favourite things – golden age comic books and punk music. We think that the clean-cut style of 1940’s comics works so well when illustrated and juxtaposed with our punk and hardcore aesthetic – and the tens of thousands of likes, comments and shares shows we’re not alone.

We’re always looking for ways to bring humour and message to our illustration and design work – and we love that our loving digs at a scene we’ve grown up in has really resonated with the rest of our community. It’s been especially amazing receiving love and kudos from the very bands we’ve immortalised and referenced in the illustrations!

After months of posting the illustrations online and hundreds of requests, we compiled a 28 page zine featuring the first archive of RVDXHC images, and two unseen, exclusive illustrations. We’ve both grown up loving and participating in the DIY zine aesthetic, and it was a lot of fun producing our own take using our RDHXC pieces. The first edition of the RVDXHC Zine sold out as a pre-order.

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