Whosits & Whatsits

Illustration, Merchandise Design

There is something really wonderful about seeing your illustrations and designs as a tangible, tactile object; so when Whosits & Whatsits asked if we wanted to design a T-Shirt for their Halloween collection, we jumped at the chance. Whosits & Whatsits produce and sell apparel and homeware inspired by childhood stories, aimed at theme park fans that refuse to grow up.

We were commissioned by Whosits & Whatsits to design a T-Shirt illustration inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion, our favourite ride at the parks. We chose to illustrate Madame Leota, one of the main characters and ghosts seen throughout the ride. She is seen as the spirit of a psychic medium, conducting an otherworldly séance in an attempt to summon spirits and assist them in materialising. Her ghostly head appears on a table in the middle of her dark chamber, from which she speaks her incantations. It’s one of our favourite parts of the ride, so it seemed only right that she take pride of place in our design. We illustrated our vision of her in a vintage, tattoo inspired style, which suits the style of Whosits & Whatsits perfectly. The shading and toned down blue, cold colours add to the spooky feel, matching the whole theme of both the ride and the Halloween range of clothes.

We’re so happy with the result, it looks great as an illustration but even better on a real t-shirt as shown in the photoshoot photographs. If you’re looking for t-shirt illustration for your clothing designs, we would love to hear from you.


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